@ Open Die Header
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The feeding system can adjust according to the products.


Open die system is very simple and easy to change.


Can make unlimited length of products.

Model TP/ODH5X75 TP/ODH6X160 TP/ODH8X200 TP/ODH10X300 TP/ODH15X300

Forging Load

20000KGS 25000KGS 35000KGS 40000KGS 60000KGS

Max. Wire Diameter

3~5mm 4~6mm 6~8mm 6~10mm 8~12(15)mm

Max. Blank Length

25~75mm 25~200mm 25~250mm 25~350mm 25~350mm

Punch Hole DIA.

31mm 38mm 42mm 52mm 78mm

Machine PRM/Output

50~90pcs/min 30~55pcs/min 20~50pcs/min 15~40pcs/min 15~40pcs/min

Feeding Mechanism

Feeding Vibrator (Single Direction, A, B or C type depends on actual product.)

Auto Feeding Length

25~75mm 25~150mm 25~150mm 25~200mm 25~200mm

Main Drive Motor

3HP 5HP 7.5HP 20HP 50HP

Machine Dimension (mm)

1700x1050x1000 2600x1330x1800 3200x1510x1800 4450x1780x2000 7300x2440x2600

Machine Weight

2100KGS 4000KGS 6800KGS 13000KGS 18000KGS
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