Centrifugal Feeder MT-720E (Closed Type)

MT-720E (Closed Type)

Centrifugal Feeder MT-720


Centrifugal Feeder


  1. Low noise, especially compared to vibration feeders.
  2. Can easily process and collate long length fasteners.
  3. Significantly reduces surface abrasion and improves visual appearance of coated fasteners.
  4. Energy savings. 1/10th the power consumption of vibration feeders.
  5. Polyurethane coated centrifugal disk minimizes wear and tear and reduces lubrication requirements.


Model Power(HP) Speed(pcs/min) Working diameter of screw
Working length of screw
Electrical box size
Machine dimension
MT-720 1/8 x 2 100~150 5~14 MAX.130mm 440x250x500 Φ850x720(H)
MT-720E 1/8 x 2 100~150 5~14 MAX.130mm 440x250x500 1000x1000x620
MT-1000 1/8 x 2 30~100 8~20 MAX.200mm 440x250x500 Φ1130x885(H)

Note: The Centrifugal Feeder according to different feeding products,specifications are subject to change in content.

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